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Legislation Deadline
AP Friday February 10, 2017

Tennessee lawmakers were scrambling to get their legislative proposals submitted before Thursday's filing deadline.
Among the last batch of bills is a renewed effort to require transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificates. Other recently filed bills would allow people with handgun carry permits to be armed in schools, drop a ban on Sunday liquor sales and get rid of open primary voting in Tennessee.
House Speaker Beth Harwell this week touted her initiative to limit each lawmaker to 15 bills per session as helping focus the General Assembly on smaller government.


IRS Warns of New Tax Scam
WRCB Friday February 10, 2017

There's a new tax scam.
The IRS is warning taxpayers to be alert for tax return preparers who promise inflated tax refunds.
IRS officials say if a preparer promises an extremely large refund based on credits or benefits you've never been able to claim in the past you should use caution.
Scammers usually search for people who don't have a filing requirement, like the elderly or people with a low income.
Con artists may also file a false return in their client's name, and the client doesn't know that a refund was paid.
Experts say if a preparer is promising something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
This scam is just one of several on the annual list of tax scams released by the IRS known as the "Dirty Dozen."


Open Container Ban Proposed
AP Friday February 10, 2017

Gov. Bill Haslam has introduced legislation seeking to ban any open alcohol bottles or cans in vehicles traveling on Tennessee roads.
Tennessee currently bans drivers from drinking at the wheel, but does not extend that prohibition to passengers. That conflicts with federal open container guidelines, which causes about $18 million in federal road money to be redirected toward drunken-driving enforcement.
Haslam wants to change the law so that money can be spent on roads as part of his ambitious transportation funding initiative. But prosecutors and police worry that the money they received to target DUIs would be lost under the change.
The governor has said he would try to replenish those funds from the general fund but has not yet made a specific proposal.


Heart Disease Still Tennessee's Top Cause of Death Broadcasting News Friday February 10, 2017

While matters of the heart are top of mind near Valentines Day, more Tennesseans should think about them all year long to ensure healthier, longer lives. Tennessee Department of Health data show heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the state, while stroke rated fifth in claiming lives.

There are three significant ways to improve heart health and they are all within reach of most Tennesseans, said TDH Assistant Commissioner for Family Health and Wellness Morgan McDonald, MD. Increasing physical activity, not using tobacco and eating healthier foods in appropriate portions can help you avoid heart conditions and stroke. Those who make these choices are more likely to live longer and can be healthier to enjoy life to its fullest.

In 2015, the most recent year for which data are available, heart disease claimed the lives of 15,674 Tennesseans, which is nearly 24 percent of all deaths in the state that year. In 2014, Tennessee had the seventh highest heart disease rate and the third-highest age-adjusted stroke rate in the nation.


Cumb. Co. Man Dies Following Head-on Collision
Peg Broadcasting News Thursday February 9, 2017

A Cumberland County man has died following a head-on collision in Crossville. 74-year-old David Crabtree passed away on Wednesday after he sustained multiple injuries in a wreck at the intersection of Industrial Blvd. and Genesis Road on Monday morning. The other driver, also a local man, reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries. Authorities did not immediately release his name.


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