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Cigarette Prices Going Up In Tennessee
Wednesday May 13, 2015

Now may be a good time to enroll in a smoking cessation plan. Governor Bill Haslam has signed a new law that will increase the price of cigarettes in Tennessee. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press the extra money will not go into the stateís coffers, but rather to retailers to cover the cost of doing business. Over the next two years, the price for a pack of smokes will rise from 41 cents to 76 cents. Itís the first change in the state's cigarette markup in 65 years.


Council member Pete Souza resigns from Beer Board
Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday May 13, 2015

Following a recent oversight of the Crossville Beer Board in which a beer permit was issued under previous beer codes within 500 feet of an undocumented church, Council member Pete Souza has tendered his resignation from that board. During Tuesday nightís Council meeting, Tom Isham was appointed to fill that position. Council chose Isham from a field that included former Council member George Marlow, Lavon Hubbard and Wendell Kerley.


Crossville City Council considering property tax hike
Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday May 13, 2015

Council approved the 1st reading of an ordinance increasing property taxes by 10 cents. The ordinance was passed in title only and will be further studied before enacting any increase. The move was just the first step in necessary procedures to prepare the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.


City Council recognizes outstanding police efforts
Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday May 13, 2015

During the regular monthly meeting of the Crossville City Council, several police officers were recognized for their outstanding efforts. Patrolman EJ Williams, Jared South, Rodolfo Estrada and Camden Davis were named as Officers of the Month. In addition, Patrolman Jared South received a lifesaving award for his actions in stabilizing a patient before the arrival of EMS.


City accepts Countyís date of October 1st for building code inspections
Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday May 13, 2015

While the Crossville City Council accepted the date of October 1st for the City to cease building code inspections for the County, itís still unclear how the transition will take place. Council member Pete Souza wants out of the County totally on that date, which would leave any pending inspections up to the County. Council member Danny Wyatt, however, felt that the City should finish inspections for any permits issued by the City prior to that deadline. A motion to that effect failed in a 2-2 vote with Council member Jesse Kerley absent. Council later passed a motion to accept the deadline date of October 1st, with the City Manager and County Mayor working out the details on the transition.


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