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Petition calls to pull Pride of the Southland from inaugural parade
WVLT Tuesday January 3, 2017

At least 256 people have signed a petition to pull University of Tennessee's Pride of the Southland marching band from the 2017 inaugural parade.

The petition, addressed to President Joe DiPietro and Director Dr. Donald Ryder, asserts that the band should not participate in the presidential inauguration ceremonies.

Petitioners, who identified themselves as alumni and residents of Tennessee, said they were disturbed by what they called racist and sexist remarks made by President-Elect Donald Trump.

The petition stated, "As residents of Tennessee, we believe that the attendance at the upcoming inauguration of a band representing the state of Tennessee would condone this behavior. As alumni, we believe that no university should risk its reputation and credibility by welcoming such ignorance and celebrating a man like Trump."

When Senator Bob Corker announced the news on Twitter, he received mixed reactions from users of the social media site. Some 277 people "liked" the announcement and tweeted responses of enthusiasm. Others expressed concern over the announcement.
The Pride of the Southland has represented the state of Tennessee for multiple Presidential inaugurations.

The inaugural parade will commence on January 20, 2017 after the Inaugural Ceremonies conclude, and involves the President and Vice President making their way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House leading a procession of ceremonial military regiments, citizens' groups, marching bands and floats.

Crimestoppers Wanted Person No. 33: Henry Boyd Adams

Crimestoppers Wanted Person No. 33: Henry Boyd Adams
Submitted: Lt. Brian Eckelson,Crimestoppers Coordinator/Public Information Officer,Crossville Police Tuesday January 3, 2017

The Crossville-Cumberland County Crimestoppers is asking the public for help in locating Henry Boyd Adams who is wanted for FAILURE TO APPEAR ON POSSESSION OF METH, DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, SIMPLE POSSESSION AND VIOLATION OF PROBATION. Henry Boyd Adams is a 50-year-old white male, known to frequent the Deep Water Road area of Cumberland County. If you know where Henry Boyd Adams is hiding out, please call the Crimestoppers Tip Hotline at 931-200-1173. There will be a minimum $200 payout for information leading to the arrest of this profiled person!

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Crossville Dog Park Closed Until Further Notice
Billy Loggins Tuesday January 3, 2017

Effective January 3, 2017, the City of Crossvilles Dog Park located at Centennial Park is closed due to dangerous conditions from recent storm damage. As soon as safety issues have been resolved the Dog Park will reopen. Until then, the Dog Park will remain closed until further notice.


Dont Fall for the Deed Scams
Sheriff Casey Cox,Cumberland County Sheriff Tuesday January 3, 2017

Crossville, TN - Scammers doing business under multiple names including Record Transfer Services are soliciting consumers nationwide who conducted recent real estate transactions.

The company tries to trick people into paying more than $80 for property records that could be obtained for free online, or deeds that they can get for a few bucks from their county government.

New homeowners are deceived by Record Transfer Services' formal-looking letter, which looks like a government bill and asks for an $83 "document fee" for a deed and "real property records" by a certain deadline.

The letter says to send money to Record Transfer Services or one of its aliases, Property Transfer Services, Conveyance Transfer Services, Record Retrieval Department and National Deed Service at an address in South Dakota, Delaware, California or Michigan. Reports
have been filed with the Better Business Bureau on the different companies.

At the bottom of the solicitation is a fine-print disclaimer that states: "The company Record Transfer Services is not affiliated with any government agency. This offer serves as a solicitation for services and (is) not to be interpreted as a bill due."

A homebuyer doesn't need a copy of the deed when he or she receives the original for free as part of the regular real estate transaction. The Register of Deeds Office automatically mails the original back to the homeowner once the transaction has been recorded. If additional copies are needed they can be obtained for a few dollars at the Register of Deeds Office.

If you have received one of these documents and you have questions feel free to contact the Cumberland County Sheriffs Office at (931) 484-6176 or Register of Deeds Office at (931) 484-5559.


UT Band will play in inaugural parade
WVLT Saturday December 31, 2016

The UT Pride of the Southland Band will participate in the inaugural parade on January 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C. The Pride of the Southland has represented the state of Tennessee for multiple Presidential inaugurations.


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