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Missing Rogersville Girl Been Gone for a Week Today
WATE News Wednesday May 11, 2016

In light of hearing rumors that Gary Simpson is only trying to protect 9 year old missing Rogersville girl Carlie Trent, a spokesperson with the TBI has made a statement to clear those rumors. Josh Devine said, “If we have not been abundantly clear about this since the get-go, let me take the opportunity to say this as clearly as I possibly can. This was not an innocent camping trip, this was a crime. We realize Gary Simpson is Carlie Trent’s uncle by marriage, but we have specific, we have credible information that Carlie Trent is in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death. That is why we issued an Amber Alert.” More than 1200 reports have come in, and law enforcement agencies from over 19 states are working through possible sightings. The Amber Alert in Missouri has been canceled, and law enforcement is hoping that the inclement weather may flush Simpson out if they remain in the Rogersville area.


House to Take Up Bills Related to Opioid Usage
WBIR Wednesday May 11, 2016

Middle and East Tennessee are considered by the federal government high-intensity drug trafficking areas. More people died in Tennessee from opioid use in 2014 than in car accidents or by guns. This week, the US House of Representatives is to take up several bills aimed at reducing opioid use in the nation. These bills include a required report to Congress on the prevalence of neonatal abstinence syndrome, the cost of babies born drug dependent and the services available. Another would allow doctors to prescribe opioid reversal drugs. Yet another would allow for only partial filling of a prescription to hopefully limit dependency. It is also desired by lawmakers to create a committee under the FDA to approve opioids without the abuse deterrent properties, and evaluate opioid treatment infrastructure. Each of these bills would redirect funding within the Justice Department, and could be voted on by the end of this week.


Cookeville Citizen Won TN Cash Lottery Jackpot
WATE News Wednesday May 11, 2016

A Cookevillian won Monday night’s Tennessee Cash 68th jackpot of $945,000. The winner has yet to claim his/her prize. Since January 20th, 2004, the TN Lottery has raised more than $3.7 billion to fund college grants and scholarships, after-school programs, TN Promise, as well as other education programs. Drawings for TN Cash are held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:30 pm, and tickets are only $1.


Excessive Use of Essential Oils is Toxic
WATE News Wednesday May 11, 2016

The Tennessee Poison Control Center is offering warnings to citizens that essential oils can be highly toxic, and the number of toxic exposures to these oils in aromatic and homeopathic natural remedies has more than doubled. Children are especially at risk, as their skin absorbs oils easier than adults’. The primary route of poisoning is ingestion, but can also occur with excessive or inappropriate application to skin. Poison control specialists say some essential oils such as camphor, clove, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, and wintergreen oils are highly toxic. The oils can be toxic when they are ingested. They can also cause a child to choke.

Chasey Chase

Chasey Chase'em
Crossville-Cumberland County Crimestoppers Wednesday May 11, 2016


This week on the Chasey Chase ’em Trackdown....

CHRISTOPHER DEWAYNE MONTGOMERY is a 38 year old White male, known to frequent the LAKE TANSI area of Cumberland County.

If you know where CHRISTOPHER DEWAYNE MONTGOMERY is hiding out, please call the Crimestoppers Tip Hotline at 931-200-1173.

***There will be a minimum $200 payout for information leading to the arrest of this profiled person!***

*Listen for the Chasey Chase 'em Trackdown on:
Mix 99.3 (WPBX-FM),
Talk Radio 96.9FM & 1330AM WAEW,
Sports Radio 97.7 The Ticket &

(Photo Courtesy Crimestoppers)


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