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Tennessee State alum to be recognized before Super Bowl
AP Monday January 30, 2017

Tennessee State University's Pro Football Hall of Famers will be recognized at Super Bowl 51 next weekend.

NFL official Troy Vincent Sr. told university President Glenda Glover in a letter that the NFL will host Hall of Famers from Historically Black Colleges and Universities in recognition of their achievements and the league's growing relationship with the schools.

Glover says the school has had former players in past Super Bowls back as far as the first game.

Tennessee State's Hall of Famers are Richard Dent, a 2011 inductee and MVP of Super Bowl 20 with the Chicago Bears; and Claude Humphrey, a 2014 inductee who played in Super Bowl 15 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vincent said the players will be recognized in several ways, including during an on-field ceremony before the game Sunday in Houston.


Senator Alexander makes statement on Refugee Executive Order
WVLT Monday January 30, 2017

Senator Lamar Alexander released a statement on Sunday regarding President Trump's executive order that concerns refugees and immigrants.

It says:

"This vetting proposal itself needed more vetting. More scrutiny of those traveling from war-torn countries to the United States is wise. But this broad and confusing order seems to ban legal, permanent residents with ‘green cards,’ and might turn away Iraqis, for example, who were translators and helped save lives of Americans troops and who could be killed if they stay in Iraq. And while not explicitly a religious test, it comes close to one which is inconsistent with our American character.”


Former Vol stranded after Iran retaliates against U.S.
WVLT Monday January 30, 2017

Former Tennessee guard J.P. Prince and Texas A&M center Joseph Jones are stranded in Dubai after Iran refused to let them return to the country after a team trip, according to CBS Sports.

Both are American citizens and play professional basketball in Iran for Azad University Tehan. They were barred from the country, according to a report from The Vertical due to Iran's ban of American citizens.

This was in retaliation against an executive order signed by President Donald Trump which temporarily bans citizens, regardless of their immigration status, of predominately Muslim countries from coming to the United States.

According to the article on CBS Sports the player's agent, Eric Fleisher told The Verticle it didn't look like they could finish the season in Iran leaving them without pay.


No School Today in Cumberland County, Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
Peg Broadcasting News Monday January 30, 2017

No school today in Cumberland County. Christian Academy of the Cumberland is also closed today.


Mancini Re-Elected As Tennessee Democratic Party Chair
AP Monday January 30, 2017

Tennessee Democrats have elected Mary Mancini to another term as party chairwoman despite one prominent donor's call for her to be replaced following last year's election results.

According to reports, the party's executive committee on Saturday voted unanimously to keep Mancini through the 2018 election. Former state Representative John Litz of Morristown was elected vice chairman.

Democrats lost a seat in the state House as Donald Trump overwhelmingly carried Tennessee in November. The failure to gain back seats in the General Assembly led real estate investor Bill Freeman to call for Mancini's replacement as leader of the party.

Freeman, who came in third in Nashville's mayor's race despite spending $3.5 million of his own money, has been mulling a bid for governor next year.


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