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Martin Overcrowding Temporary Solution
Samantha Crisp, BOE Friday May 29, 2015

The subject of the overcrowding at Glenn L. Martin Elementary School has been discussed by the board in length, and a decision has been made by the board providing a temporary solution. 6 motions were made, and failed to be passed in a roll call vote. The original motion was to move 93 children from Martin to Pleasant Hill and 31 from Martin to North, with an additional 21 children from Martin to Pleasant Hill. Before receiving a second, Boardmember Freitag offered an amendment that would grandfather 7th and 8th graders from Martin, allowing children from those grades who were on the list to be moved to stay at Martin. The amendment passed, however, the overall motion failed. Five more motions conveying various solutions were discussed and voted on, all of which failed. After extensive discussion, Boardmember Stone motioned to take a second vote on the first motion made, including Freitag's amendment, and the motion passed on the second vote. As such, for the 2015-2016 school year, 114 students from Martin Elementary will be moved to Pleasant Hill Elementary, and 31 students from Martin will be moved to North Cumberland Elementary.


Textbooks, Instructional Materials, and Testing Information Now To Be Published Online
Samantha Crisp, BOE Friday May 29, 2015

During Thursday's BOE meeting, Board passed a motion allowing the public more insight into the goingson of our local educational system. The Board is now required to publish a list of all approved textbooks and instructional materials online for public viewing.The Board is also now required to publish information on all State and/or Board-mandated tests, Info includes name of the test, the purpose and use of the test, the grade or class to be tested, and the estimated date it will be administered.


CC Board of Education Not Joining Lawsuit
Samantha Crisp, BOE Friday May 29, 2015

During Thursday's regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting, the board passed a motion to refrain from joining the 7-county lawsuit against state officials. The lawsuit, spurred by the Hamilton County Board of Education, sues state officials over the chronic underfunding of education by the state. Until Thursday, Board had neither moved to join the lawsuit nor made the decision not to, and at the meeting, Attorney Patton asked the Board to make a decision one way or the other. Boardmember Stone motioned to refrain from joining the lawsuit, and the motion passed unanimously.

Hembree Signs with Roane State Community College

Hembree Signs with Roane State Community College
Lynn Carey/POC; Kenny Carey Friday May 29, 2015

Cumberland County High School senior Nate Hembree has signed to compete with the Roane State Community College Shooting Sports Team. Pictured in the front row (from left) Audra Hembree, Nate Hembree, and Roane State Head Coach Kenny Carey. Pictured in the back row are (from left) Kevin Hembree, CCHS Athletic Director Pat Teeples and Roane State Assistant Coach James Wattenbarger.


Report Livestock Deaths to Farm Service Agency Within 30 Days
USDA Friday May 29, 2015

Denesa Jolley, County Executive Director of the Cumberland/Bledsoe County Farm Service Agency (FSA) reminds livestock producers who want to take advantage of the Livestock Indemnity Program that ALL livestock deaths must be reported to the Crossville office within 30 days of the date the animal died – both disaster-related and non-disaster related deaths. This report may be made by telephone or by e-mail to Animal deaths not reported within 30 days are not eligible for program benefits. If the notice of loss is filed by phone or e-mail, the livestock producer still must follow up with an office visit at a later date to provide printed dated pictures of the dead animals, inventory records for all livestock in the operation, the previous year’s livestock sales and purchase records, and to complete the application for payment form. Jolley reminds producers that as long as the notice of loss is filed within 30 days of the animal death, they have until January 30, of the next calendar year to file application for payment. Those having questions about this program may call the office at 931-484-6520 or toll free at 855-216-2802.


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