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TDCI Reminds Consumers to Guard Their Medicare Number Tuesday October 18, 2016

With Medicare Open Enrollment starting October 15, 2016, the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) reminds consumers that an unprotected Medicare card can expose them to identify theft and fraud.

Efforts to fraudulently obtain and use a persons Medicare number are all too common, said TDCI Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak. To protect against such fraud, we urge Tennesseans to treat their Medicare numbers as they would their credit card numbers.

TDCI encourages consumers to follow these important fraud protection steps provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

Dont share your Medicare number or other personal information with anyone who contacts you by telephone, email, or by approaching you in person, unless youve given them permission in advance. Medicare will NEVER contact you for your Medicare number or other personal information.
Tell your friends and neighbors to guard their Medicare number.
Dont ever let anyone borrow or pay to use your Medicare number.
Review your Medicare Summary Notice to be sure you and Medicare are only being charged for actual services.
Be wary of salespeople who knock on your door or call you uninvited and try to sell you a product or service.
Dont accept items received through the mail that you didnt order. You should refuse the delivery and/or return it to the sender. Keep a record of the senders name and the date you returned the items.

And if youre looking to enroll in a Medicare plan:

Be suspicious of anyone who contacts you about Medicare plans unless you gave them permission.
There are no early bird discounts or limited time offers.
Dont let anyone rush you to enroll by claiming you need to act now for the best deal.
Be skeptical of free gifts, free medical services, discount packages or any offer that sounds too good to be true especially if you need to hand over your Medicare number in order to receive these items or deals. Decline politely but firmly.
By law, any promotional items youre offered to enroll in a plan must be worth no more than $15, and these items cant be given on the condition that you enroll in a plan.

To report suspected Medicare fraud in Tennessee, call 1-866-836-7677. Tennesseans who need help understanding Medicare plans and options, or who have questions about protecting themselves from health care fraud, can visit or call the Tennessee State Health Insurance Assistance (TN SHIP) hotline number at 1-877-801-0044 to speak to a trained counselor.

For assistance with all types of insurance, contact the TDCI Consumer Insurance Service Division at 1-800-342-4029 or (615) 741-2218.


Businesses Warned to Read Solicitations Closely
Submitted: Tre Hargett, Secretary of State/Peg Broadcasting News Monday October 17, 2016

Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, is warning of a familiar problem that is popping up again across the Volunteer State. Many businesses are reporting receiving a solicitation letter from an entity calling itself the Tennessee Council for Corporations, a private, out of state company that offersfor a feeto file business documents on an entity's behalf with the Tennessee Secretary of States Division of Business Services.

This solicitation, which was titled 2016 Annual Records Solicitation Form and mailed out to businesses in late September, offers to file annual reports for companies in exchange for a $150 fee. However, the standard fee for filing a corporation's annual report directly with the Division of Business Services is only $20, with an additional $20 fee charged if the Registered Agent or Registered Agent address is changed.

Tennessee Council for Corporations is not registered to do business in the state of Tennessee and is not affiliated or associated with the Division of Business Services. Their solicitation looks official and can easily be confused as being from the Tennessee Secretary of States Office.

"It's important that our customers pay very close attention to anything they receive by mail and contact the Division of Business Services if they question anything," said Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett. "These companies count on the fact that everyone doesnt read the fine print."

Secretary Hargett has been warning consumers about government impostor schemes for years and says its important for businesses to pay very close attention to anything they receive by mail and contact the Tennessee Division of Business Services if they question anything.

Other companies that have generated government impostor complaints in Tennessee, but are not affiliated with the government include State Compliance Center, Tennessee State Compliance, Corporate Records Services, Division of Corporate Services and Annual Business Services. These companies have also mailed official-looking solicitation forms to businesses, claiming that they must pay filing rates far higher than what the state actually charges.

Any company or person caught trying to run this type of scam faces a fine of $100 for each letter sent and received by an individual and reimbursement of the states investigation and prosecution costs. Any fines collected by the Attorney General's office will be used in other consumer protection programs.


TVA sets auction date for unfinished nuclear plant
AP/WVLT Monday October 17, 2016

The Tennessee Valley Authority is giving up on a project that was supposed to become one of its biggest nuclear power plants.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports TVA is selling the 1,400-acre site in northeast Alabama.

TVA said Friday it set a Nov. 14 auction date to sell its unfinished Bellefonte nuclear power plant.

TVA directors declared the unfinished nuclear plant to be surplus property earlier this year - 43 years after construction began on the complex. The utility says the primary goal in selling the site is to provide the best long-term economic return to surrounding communities.

The minimum bid price is $36.4 million - the property's appraised value. TVA invested more than $5 billion in capital and interest costs at Bellefonte since work began in 1973.


ACT Retake Set for Saturday
Monday October 17, 2016

The statewide ACT Senior Retake will be next Saturday, October 22 for students who met the September 16 registration deadline.

The retake provides every eligible high school senior, meaning any public school student who took the ACT as a junior, the ability to retake the ACT free of charge.
With more Tennessee students than ever before taking the ACT, Tennessee public high school students this year held steady at a 19.4 average score, whereas nationally scores declined as more students participated.

Nearly 1,300 more Tennessee public school students became eligible for the HOPE scholarship in 2016 by achieving composite scores of 21 or higher. Additionally, Tennessee improved its national standing in 2016 among the 18 states that require students to take the ACT, climbing to seventh in the nation when looking at the average composite of both public and private school students.


November 15 Fruit Insurance Deadline
USDA Monday October 17, 2016

The deadline for producers of apples, blueberries, grapes, and peaches to purchase USDAs NAP insurance at the Cumberland/Bledsoe County Farm Service Agency (FSA) is November 15. The office is located next door to the Crossville Post Office at 314 Old Jamestown Highway. Anyone having questions about the insurance may call the local office at 931-484-6520, Extension 2, or toll free at 1-855-216-2802.


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