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What is your blood-type? AB-Positive, I’m told it’s a universal type that most people can use…so I try to give often.

Where were you born? Coon Rapids, MN…yes the town is really called Coon Rapids.

Where did you spend "the best years of your life"? Here in Crossville, of course! Montana was good too.

How Old Were You When You Got Married? 29 the first time and 43 the second.

What's something you've always wanted? A white Porsche 911 turbo, I love white vehicles.

How tall are you barefoot? Six foot even…just don’t ask my weight.

What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coffee, black…if God intended there to be cream & sugar in it he’d of put it in the bean!

What Is Your Middle Name? John, but I’ll bet you thought it was Robert. (one of my brothers has that one).

Where would you like to go? New York City or Liverpool, England.

What did you fear as a child? John Lennon. That’s odd since I’m a big Beatles fan and John is my favorite…but when I was a child I thought he was kind of Charlie Manson looking.

What Were Your Best bed sheets you had as a child? Dry. No, really, with four older brothers we didn’t get fancy sheets.

Worst injury you've ever had? I’ve been VERY LUCKY…I’ve never broken a bone or spent the night in a hospital…but was bitten by a stray cat once and had to go through a rabies series (long story…but let’s just say that’s not much fun)

What song do/did you want played at your wedding? “I Knew I Loved You” Savage Garden

What song do you want played at your funeral? I don’t know…I hope that’s a long way off, so I haven’t given it much thought

What side of the bed do you sleep on? The Right…but it’s not like I have any say in the matter.

What is the thing that you would most like to change about yourself? I’m not a very patient person, so I guess I’d like to be a bit more laid back

What Is Your Astrological Sign? Sagittarius…what kind of lame pickup line is that anyway?

What Is Your Astrological sign? Sagittarius…now stop asking me that

Do You Have Any Tattoos? No…I feel like anything I have to say I can find on a t-shirt (I have hundreds)


Who Are Your Favorite Mix Artists? The Eagles, Matchbox 20, Five For Fighting, Bon Jovi and John Lennon

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Cumberland County? The people, I’ve never played radio for a better group than the good folks here on the plateau.

What Is Your LEAST Favorite Thing About Cumberland County? People who don’t use there blinkers…they think we should guess when they want to turn

Favorite color(s)? Blue…but doesn’t everyone say that?

Favorite place to be? On my motorcycle…just ask my wife…she’ll tell ya!

What is your favorite book? I’m a big John Grisham reader. If I had to pick just one I’d say “A Time To Kill”

What is your favorite candy? I have a major sweet tooth, so I like it all…but I am a confirmed chocoholic

What Is Your Favorite Movie? Blazing Saddles (sad isn’t it) I get my sense of humor from my dad and he loved that movie too.

What TV Shows Do You Like? Jeopardy, My Name is Earl and Desperate Housewives

What Is Your Favorite Food? Steak or Salmon…or both! I also like Italian and Big Boy’s stuffed baked potato

What Is Your Favorite Season? Spring…but I do like all four seasons…I just don’t like snow (I’ve seen enough of that to last a lifetime)

What Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Mint Chocolate Chip, like I said, confirmed chocoholic

What Is Your Favorite Thing For Breakfast? Omelet…with lots of meat in it


OJ or Apple Juice: OJ…but to really get going it’s grapefruit juice

Scary Movies or Comedy: Comedy…I’m not much of a scary movie guy

Answer from previous question or Drama: If it’s a true story or a John Grisham

Sugar or Sweetener: Don’t care…If the ice tea is good it’s good.

Salad...Dark Greens or Iceberg Lettuce: Iceberg Lettuce with Ranch dressing…and could you bring me another ice tea please?

Staples or Paperclips: Paperclips, staples are too permanent

How do you prefer to communicate - Email or Phone: Phone, email is too impersonal.

National Pasttime - Football or Baseball: Football GO VOLS! GO TITANS!

Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner: Dinner…it’s a time for talking with the family (the others are on the run)

Star Wars - Originals or Prequels: Originals…but I wasn’t that in to it

Grilled or Fried: Fried…I know it’s not good for me…but god I love fried food

Salt or Pepper: salt…more to the point, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt…I use that stuff on darn near everything…just ask my wife…she’ll tell ya!

Power Tools or Cooking Utensils: I’m not that good with either one

Mow or Pay Someone: Pay someone…I feel like I pay him so I have some time on the weekends to ride my motorcycle

Drive Or Walk: Drive…but I should walk more…I’m not getting any younger you know

Shower Or Bath: shower…who has time for a bath?

Swimming - Ocean, Lake Or Pool: Ocean if I can…but I like to swim so I’d take any of them

Internet - Cable, DSL or Dial Up: DSL, dial up would kill me

Car - CD Player or Tape Deck: Tape deck with a portable CD player…best of both worlds

Pen Or Pencil: Pen…I’m a lefty, so I just break the lead out of pencils

DVD or VHS: VHS…I can’t seem to work a DVD

Cash or Credit: Cash…cash is always king

Check Or Debit Card: check…and every month I burn it up on bills

Wallet Or Money Clip: both…no money in the wallet ever, except a two dollar bill for the novelty

Poker or Blackjack: Blackjack…I never learned poker and never really wanted to

Movie Theater Or Rental: both…I rent the old ones and go to the new ones

Pudding - Instant or Cooked: Instant…like I said, I’m not very patient

Pancakes Or Waffles: I like them both

Hot & Spicy or Not: I used to love hot & spicy…but the older I get the less it likes me

Sweet Or Sour: Teriyaki…I don’t like sweet & sour


Do you know all the words to the Fresh Prince Theme Song? No…but I know all the words to All In The Family, Cheers and WKRP

What's your favorite Christmas song? I’m not real big on Christmas music

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? I’m hungry, I wish I was out riding my motorcycle…how many questions are on this survey???????

What songs do you sing in the shower? I don’t often sing in the shower…and the world is a better place for it

Where were you when it turned 2006? Home in bed…exciting life isn’t it

Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? No…but I did get very bummed out when John Lennon died

What do you tell yourself when times get hard? Count to ten and then blow it off…life’s too short

Would you ever sky dive? No…I had a chance once with a buddy in Colorado…but I’m too chicken

Do you enjoy giving hugs? I love hugging my wife and kids…but I’m not big on hugs for anyone else

What celebrities have you been compared to? Someone once told me I looked like Eddie Van Halen…but I was much younger and had longer hair.

If you were born the opposite sex, what would your name be? I’m from a family of six boys (I’m #5) so I’ve never thought about it. Trust me I didn’t pick Gordon either…some of my aunts still call me Gordy


Tell us one thing about you that people would be surprised to know. My life is pretty much an open book…but I have four grandchildren

You're stranded on a desert island with a DVD/CD player that somehow mysteriously works. What 5 DVDs would you bring? 5 CDs?
DVDs: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, The Blues Brothers, Animal House & American Graffiti

CDs: Abby Road-The Beatles, Live Bullet-Bob Seger, Time Pieces-Eric Clapton, Pronounced-Lynyrd Skynyrd and ANYTHING by Chris LeDoux

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