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Hi there!

I'm Stace..and WOW...that's a great word, 'cuz "Wow has my life changed!!"

Radio's been my dream since I was a little girl, and I feel very blessed to have been able to be on the air since 19--well, its been a long time, we'll just leave it at that!

When I'm not on the air, you'll find me hanging with my family--which includes new husband, Gary, our son Dakota, our furry daughter, Penny the Wonder Dachsund, our furry son & Doug the Good Doggie.  Since marrying Gary, I've become "Bonus Mom" to 12, yes 12 kids!  I've also been blessed with 7, yes 7, grandbabies!!  Including 2 sets of twins!!  Its sooo cool!!

I love going to the movies, getting my nails done, and driving our son crazy with my fascination with Days of Our Lives and Reality TV...

Some things about me:

I'm the youngest of 4 kids
I raised 2 of my nieces, and consider them my daughters

 I'm a HUGE supporter of anything having to do with kids, pets, and Vets

I'm in several music videos, including "When The Sun Goes Down."
None of them were filmed in Nashville
If I wasn't in radio, I'd be a pastry chef--I love to cook!

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms!


:) Stace

Stace's Blog


Wednesday June 2nd, 2010


I remember when school was out...all my friends would walk down to the school and they would have these really cool summer programs with arts and crafts and all of us kids would just hang all day...we would wander back home about 4:50, just in time to wash up for dinner.  After dinner, it was time to jump in the pool until night time...Mind you, I lived in Southern California, and in an apartment complex, so we had very long days, we lived about a half mile from school, and we had a pool in the apartment complex. 




I guess times have changed.

I feel sorry for my son.  Sure, we live in a pretty good neighborhood.  There are some kids around, and yes, he could definitely ride his bike to the park.  Since he's 14, and he has a cell phone, I have no issues with that.  He simply lacks the will.  I wonder why this is.  Back in the day, there weren't video games.  The best we had was a pinball machine, and they were a pretty big deal...arcades few and far between...and quarters were a pretty big deal...This was BEFORE PacMan, mind you!!  No MTV...and TV during the day was all about boring soap operas...and back then, they were booooooring!


I remember waking up and spening the entire day in the pool.  That's just what we did!  I can't imagine spending the entire day inside looking at a computer screen!  I would have gone nuts! 

We always seemed to find something to do.  Something outside.  We made our own fun.  We used our imaginations...not someone elses.  Maybe that's what is bothering me today...and I don't know what the solution is.


I just know it didn't cost us money to be a kid then.  I give my parents lots of credit.  Thanks mom and dad!!


:) Stace

Tuesday June 1, 2010


Christmas is just over 6 months away...just sayin'...


Don't ya just love humidity?  If you're anything at all like me, your hair is looking like a labradoodle that needs a trip to the groomer. 

Criminey!  NOT a good look! 


Went to see Shrek 3 yesterday afternoon!  LOVED IT!  I will miss Shrek and the gang sooo much!  You gotta respect a movie that the whole family likes a LOT--one that your 14 year old son is NOT embarassed to with you to... I know the day is not too far off when that's just not going to happen anymore...and that makes me sad, so any opportunity we have to share these moments are really special! 


I'm learning:  Boys are really different than girls.  Case in point; shoe shopping.  Son needed tennis shoes.  It went like this:


Me:  "Son, what size do you wear?"

Son:  "I dunno"

Me:  "Well, look on the bottom"

Son:  "They are all worn out and flopping"

Me:  "How long have they been like that"

Son: "I dunno"

Me:  " you like the blue ones?"

Son: "I dunno"

Me:  "How about the red stripes?"

Son:  "I dunno"

Me: "What about the grey ones?"

Son: "I don't care"

Me:  "How about the black ones"

Son: "I dunno"

Me:  "What about the slip ons?"

Son: "They are just shoes..."  get the point.

I am learning that boys are very different from girls..!!!

:) Stace





Friday May 28, 2010


(singing in my head, cuz you realllllly don't wanna hear me singing out loud...)


.....School's Out for summer....schoools out forrrevvver....

yeah, my son's soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


me, not so much


(actually, not entirely true...I'm just more of a winter girl!)


First up, I would just like to say:  Memorial Day is sooo much more than a day for hanging out around the grill.  If you have served our country, are serving, are a family member of someone who's served, is serving, are a Vet, or has Made the Ultimate Sacrifice




Please remember that there is a Memorial Day Program at 11am at Veteran's Park on Monday at 11am.  There will be limited seating, so please being your lawn chairs.  My husband was a Marine, served during Viet Nam.  My father wanted to serve, but couldn't, because of a disability.  My brother was in the Army, my grandfathers were both in WWII...I had grandfathers in the Civil War--both sides...TO make the decision to choose to leave your family and friends to risk everything to serve your country is awe-inspiring to me.  Again, thank you.  To the families left behind while your loved ones are away, your hearts and courage are so inspiring...thank you for all you do.  Again, God Bless.


And God Bless the 278th!


:) stace


Weds May 26, 2010

Imagine not being able to read this blog.  Okay, not that you would miss the excitement of this blog, but that you couldn't many people, including a very dear friend of mine, are in that very situation.  Many, like my friend, are what you would call, functionally literate.  She drives a very nice car, you would see her with her would never notice anything...but she has never written a check...she doesn't know how.  She is just now learning!  She is a part of the Cumberland Adult Reading Council's literacy program...its a free, one on one program, where they are teaching her how to read and write...even teaching her what she needs to know so that she can eventually get her GED!  She is soooo excited!

Well, the Council is hosting a Scabble Tournament to raise money for this great program that is helping my friend and so many like I'm so excited to be on board to help out!  I'm forming "TEAM STACE!" And I would love to have a bunch of Team mates!  Get your friends together!!  It's $25 to enter, seniors and students are $20...and observers are $10...that incudes trophies, door prizes, and a light lunch...if you would like to join with me here:

If you would like more info on the tournament or you know of someone who would benefit from this great program, please call Terri Bond @ 931-337-5809






Monday May 24th, 2010




I think Celebrity Apprentice Got it RIGHT!  Not only did Bret Michaels win, but Holly Robinson-Peete's charity, the Holly-Rod Foundation received an additional $250,000 from Snapple...that's a win-win...Perfect ending to a great season! LOVED IT!


Thanks to Dolly Parton for granting me so much time with her on Saturday...She is such a lovely woman, and I will forever hold in my heart that I was told to sit my A## down on a stool by an American Icon...Here's the story: 


I was interviewing her...i was crouching down next to her, since they sort of accomodated me at the last minute...(thank you, by the way, Dollywood Folks!!)  Dolly said I shouldnt have to bow down to her and i said it would be my honor...she asked her people to get me a chair, and i said I was fine...she insisted...again, I said I was fine. not wanting her to go to any trouble...But sure enough someone came running with a stool...and she told me to "Sit my, well you know what " on the da## stool!"  of course she was smiling and giggling the whole time...!  I will say this, since everyone is asking, she is more lovely in person...and no, its not the makeup...its her!  She is truly glowing!  And TINY!


That said, her Imagination Library Program has given away its 25th million book this year...and she gave away the net proceeds from the Dollywood and Dixie Stampede Gates this weekend to Flood Relief in Nashville...!  Thank You Dolly!  Dollywood Celebrates 25 years this year...Its incredible....She says many people told her it couldn't be done...HAHAHHA!  Never underestimate this force of nature!


Last week of school in Cumberland County!  Wow...where did the time go!!


:) stace



Wednesday May 19, 2010


Well Hello Again...

Bravo is coming to Nashville this Sunday,  May 23!  I have a friend who is one of the casting directors...his name is Randy Bernstein.   Well he says they  looking for the best of the if you are a singer/songwriter, or know someone who is...go to for more info on what you need to know to be prepared for this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY...and remember...tell them that Randy Bernstein said to mention Stace on 102.5 WOW COUNTRY,  and you will be given VIP status...this is VERY IMPORTANT...but you MUST let me know me at  so that I can give them your info!!  I would love to see YOU make it big in the music biz!!  You might be the next Carrie Underwood, or Brad Paisely...who knows!!  The sky is the limit...we all just need a break...and this just might be YOUR BIG ONE!!

Here's all the info:

HITMAKERS: The Ultimate Music Competition

Behind every Pop Song, R & B Sensation, Rock Hit, and Country Superstar…

The Nationwide Search to find America's Next Great SONGWRITER has begun!

Bravo and True Entertainment, Producers of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," have partnered with The Writing Camp, America's Top Songwriting Team behind such hits as Beyonce's "Halo" and Rihanna's "SOS," to discover HITMAKERS in every genre of music.

The winner will receive a cash prize and a publishing and development deal with The Writing Camp for Sony's RCA/JIVE.

You must be able to perform your songs (play an instrument, sing, etc.) to prove you're a Hitmaker.

Can you turn a hook, a concept, lyrics, and a melody into a multi-platinum hymn? Then this is the show you've been waiting for!


NASHVILLE:  Sunday, May 23rd

8 Music Square West
Nashville, TN 37203
CALL BACKS: Monday, May 24rd

Also, I would to remind you that we are still helping Relief 4 Nashville...if you can help donate diapers, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items...we would sure appreciate it!!  We have teamed up with CERT to help collect these can drop them off here at the WOW Country studios at 961 Miller Ave during normal business hours...or, drop them off at the big truck that will be at Wal-Mart on Saturday!  Thank you soo much!

Again..have a wonderful day...


:) Stace




Tues May 18, 2010

Happy Mt St Helen's Day!

Yes, it was this day, in 1980 that Mt St Helen's showed what a little pristine volcano could reallllly do... you wanna's some pics:

Yakima Washington, my hometown, and no, that is NOT snow, that's ash!!After the Eruption

Before the Eruption

During the eruption

Mt St Helen's still gets cranky from time to time, and lets off fact, it will even kick off some volcanic rock...pretty amazing to me.  We all pray that Mt Rainier behaves itself...Its a monster as far as volcanoes go...and should it erupt, it would be very, very bad.

I am decompressing from this week's season finale's.  Survivor is done, HOUSE ended last night. Celebrity Apprentice ends this week...Thank goodness for Days Of Our never goes away

If you have not become a fan on our facebook or joined our twitter page...join in!!  Have your friends join too!!

Thanks so much!!  Have a great day!

:) stace





Monday May 17, 2010

Hello, Again!

I was in a fit of cleaning this doesn't happen this often...I have to admit...I'm not the "spring cleaning" when it happens, my husband knows to take advantage...thankfully, we got a lot done, and I feel so much better!

Thanks to the hubby--he is really great about looking up recipes...he found one for "cheesburger pie."  I made it last night, with modifications, cuz I modify everything...Its super easy, and was realllly good.  You won't lose any weight with this one, but its a great go-to recipe on a hectic night...I served it with the 90 cal vegie steamers (love em!) and a whole wheat pasta salad I had left over from the night before so at least I could pretend to be a bit healthy...


Stace's Variation of Cheeseburger Pie:



1 pound ground beef

1 med onion

1 c milk

1/2 c bisquick

1 c shredded cheddar cheese

2 large eggs

salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste


Preheat Oven to 400

Spray a Glass Pie Plate (I used a 9' deep dish) with non stick spray

brown 1 lb ground beef (i used 80/20) with 1 medium onion...season as you like...I used lots of fresh black pepper, garlic and coarse sea salt.  Cook until the beef is browned through.  When done, drain, and pour mixture into the pie plate.  Cover with the cheese.  If you use more than the cup, no one is gonna hurt ya!!  I did, and it was GREAT!

in a small bowl, whisk together 1/2 cup of Bisquick, 1 cup of milk, (i used whole milk) and 2 eggs

Pour the Bisquick mixture over the meat and cheese mixture

Bake in oven for 30-35 minutes, until golden brown.

Let set for a couple of minutes before slicing



Also, I want to remind you that we need your help as we are collecting items for Relief 4 Nashville...please bring those personal hygeine items for men or women, baby and infant items (diapers!!) hand sanitizer, household cleaning supplies, laundry the 102.5 Wow Country studios here at 961 Miller Ave during normal business hours!


I had a chance to go out to the new Art Circle Public Library last week...and all I can say is WOW!  It is amazing!  We really have a first class facility here...I love the new coffee shop, the book store...the children's section...all of it...and its GORGEOUS!  THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible!  As a die hard book worm, lemme just say, its so great!


Well, I guess that about wraps things up for me today...see ya on the radio!


:) Stace








 Wednesday May 5, 2010


I've been processing what's been happening in Nashville. 

I make no secret of the fact that i am from Seattle.  That's where my parents and my family best friend is is home.  However, from the first time I stepped off the plane in Nashville, I felt like I knew right where I was...and I made it a goal to one day live there.  It was a huge dream of mine.  I lived in Spring Hill, about 35 miles South of Nashville, for 5 years prior to moving here to Cumberland County, and I still own a home there.  I have many dear friends to see the city that has such a huge piece of my heart under water is devastating.

Like many of us, I have many friends who have lost everything in the floods.  Like you, I want to know what I can do to help.  I was in Nashville's what I learned...  that is the website for Hands on Nashville..they are a non profit who works to ensure that volunteers are placed in an organized can also make cash donations--and all those funds are used immediately and in the Nashville area.

On a lighter note...Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Here's a tip:  for easy guacamole:  2 avacados, about 4 heaping tablespoons of medium chunky salsa, salt, pepper, the juice of a lime, and some sour cream...its awesome!  If you're not a salsa'll like this:  corn tortillas, fried in oil till they bubble, take out, blot with paper towels, drizzle with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar--as my son says YUM!

Have a great day!


:) Stace


Monday April 25, 2010


Good Morning!!  Hey thanks to the folks out at East Tennessee Dodge!!  They were so very cool to me...and thanks to everyone who braved the rain to check out the amazing deals!!  There's a reason they are Tennessee's Used Car Giant!!  Unreal inventory...I'll post a couple of my faves...


We are getting more qualifiers every day for BIG OL TRUCK!  Make sure you head to a registration location and sign up!!


I'm excited for HOUSE tonight.  I have to admit...I'm a big reality TV fan...but HOUSE has my heart...what a great show!

Have a great day!


:) Stace




Thurs April 20, 2010


Did ya hear?  You have another chance to instantly qualify for Big Ol Truck tomorrow!!  Just be at Simply Amish on the 4 lane from noon until 2pm!  Gordon Stack will be broadcasting live...and you might be the name called at the end!!  Gotta love instantly qualifying!!


Also:  Ronni will broadcasting live from 3-5 tomorrow at Dave Kirk sure to say hey to her!! And Saturday I'll be broadcasting live from East Tennessee Dodge from 10am until 1pm...would love to meet you!!


If you haven't yet become a fan on our Facebook page, we'd like to invite you to join us!! you'll find us at  and we're


We're also on Twitter!!  Twitter is very interactive--instant info!  With severe weather possibly headed our way this weekend, you might wanna sign up so we can keep you in the  we are


Have a wonderful Earth Day!!


:) Stace


Tues April 20, 2010


Its TCAPS.  My son is exhausted...and that was last night--BEFORE the tests.  I have to wonder how much pressure is on these kids to do well...This is a first for our son...since he just came to live with us from Indiana.  We're keeping him home from Karate this week...don't want his focus anywhere than on the schooling...Am I overreacting??  I'm new at this parenting maybe!

I like the rain today.  It reminds me of home.  I grew up in the Los Angeles, CA area, but moved as a teen to Washington State, and thats what I consider to be home.  The rain reminds me a bit of Seattle.  As much as I love it here--home is still home!  There's just nothing like the Seattle rain...except Seattle Sunshine--cuz  when it comes, its rare!


I will say this...I have never seen more beautiful trees than we have here on the Plateau...The red buds are my fave...I'll deal with the sinus infections just to see amazing!


Thanks to everyone for participating in the all request country cafe--don't forget, you can email your songs anytime to me at request@1025wowcountry,com


Be careful on the slick roads!!


and remember to turn on your lights!!  you'll be easier to see!


:) Stace




Monday April 19, 2010


Wow...hope you had a chance to catch the Academy of Country Music Awards last night!  I saw a couple of "HUH?" things...


1.  Cher calling the show the "CMA's"

2.  Cher calling Blake Shelton "Blake Sheldon"

3.  They promoted that Keith Urban would perform in 4 minutes...He didn't perform till MUCH later

4.  Ronnie Dunn's microphone wasn't on


But on the bright side...I was so happy to see Montgomery Gentry get the Humanitarian Award.  I had the honor of helping Martina McBride build and dedicate her Kaboom Playground when she won a few years back...and it really is a special honor.


I loved seeing Miranda Lambert get some MAJOR props...Album of the Year and Female Vocalist--Awesome!


Thought Taylor Swift flying over the crowd was cool...but she seemed out of sorts--like they moved her performance up...and ran a tape of Keith Urban's...makes me wonder if there was a technical issue...


Okay 'nuff about that!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the New Goody's Grand Opening!  Check out the store in the Kroger Shopping Center--its gorgeous!!


Guys...if you're thinking about asking a lady out, here are some pointers I found in Men's Health...maybe they'll help!



  • Help her with her coat.
  • Turn off your cellphone. If you've forgotten to turn off your phone and it rings, turn it off immediately without checking who's calling. Apologize.
  • Always take the seat facing the wall. The woman faces the room. This automatically prevents you from eyeing other women when she's telling you about her job/childhood/fear of drinking soapy water.
  • Ignore her decolletage. Even if she's wearing a shirt so sheer it seems to be constructed of gauze, do not steal furtive glances at her breasts. She will catch you and respect you less for it.
  • Tell her what you're thinking about ordering as you're looking at the menu. (She's waiting to see if you're going to order an appetizer. Ask her opinion when choosing wine, but don't ask me to select the specific bottle. (She's assuming you're going to pay, but she doesn't know yet what you want to spend.)
  • Offer her a taste of something.
  • Pay swiftly, without consulting her. And never ask her what you should leave for a tip; it appears you're trying to show her how much you just spent.

If you find yourself keeping a closer eye on your food budget these days...I'm right there with you.  Found a recipe on yesterday for a Peach Upside Cake made with, cuz I had all the ingredients...and man oh man was it good!  And it looked impressive!  Here's the recipe:




2 tbsp. butter
1/4 c. light brown sugar, packed
1 can (1 lb.) sliced peaches, drained
9 maraschino cherry halves
1 1/3 c. Bisquick
3/4 c. sugar
3/4 c. milk
3 tbsp. butter
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla

Melt 2 tablespoons butter over low heat in 9 inch round layer pan. Sprinkle with brown sugar; arrange peach slices and cherries in pan. Set aside.

In mixer bowl mix Bisquick, sugar, 1/4 cup of the milk, 3 tablespoons butter, egg and vanilla. Beat at medium speed 1 minute. Add remaining 1/2 cup milk; continue beating for 1/2 minute.

Pour batter over fruit. Bake in 350 degree oven for 40 minutes or until done. Invert at once over serving plate. (Allow pan to remain over cake so sugar will run down over cake.) Serve warm, plain or with whipped cream.



**  I skipped the marachino cherries, and added chopped walnuts to the melted butter and brown was awesome!  I also found that I needed to cook mine a good the time...I also kept it in the oven a bit, just to cook through.  The family went 14 year old son said "You need to make this all the time."  Love that!


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Hope you have a wonderful day!!


:) Stace

Friday April 16, 2010


Sooo glad its Friday!!  As my son said this morning:  "I CAN SLEEP IN TOMORROW!"  Little does he know he has to deep clean his room tomorrow!  ahahahaha


Please make plans to join me today--I'll be broadcasting live from the NEW GOODYS STORE in the Kroger Shopping Center from 11am-1pm...lots of great give aways, including tix to the Orange and White Game for the Vols tomorrow!!


If you are on Facebook...make sure to visit our page at and become a stuff on there...its a growing site, so we need your help to make it cool--email your pics, stories, and anything else to 

We're also on twitter!! Find us:


Have a wonderful weekend!


:) Stace





Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's tax day.  Nuff said.


At least the weather is nice!!

Oh yeah...I'm going to be broadcasting live tomorrow from the New Goody's Store in the Kroger Shopping Center (Highland Square) Make your plans to join me from 11-1...we're gonna have some fun, and celebrate the return of Goodys!!  They are giving away some GREAT prizes--make sure to stop by!  I would love to meet you!

Big Ol Truck qualifiers continue to grow!! I can't wait until June 19th when we have our big reverse drawing!!  This is my first year...and I'm sooo excited to be a part of someone winning this amazing prize!


We're on Twitter and Facebook now!! Make sure to join us: we will tweet school closings/weather it will be LIGHTNING QUICK...(excuse the pun!) Follow our tweets!  We are


Also, our Facebook Fan Page continues to grow!!  Become a fan at  we are




:) Stace 


Monday April 12, 2010


Hello Again!


I hope you're loving this weather as much as I am!  Nothing like the Red Buds this time of  year!!  Funny story:  we took a family day trip to Gatlinburg this weekend...we were at the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies for the opening of the new Penguin exhibit--Penguin Playground...anyway...we saw a gardener by one of the red buds...we didn't know what they were called, and he told us.  He also explained that the buds were "good eatin'" and then leaned over and took a big bite--right off of the tree!!  Of course, we couldn't let him dine alone, so we all picked the beautiful flowers and yep--ate 'em.  He said they were really sweet like me, it was more like bitter greens.  He said they were great in a salad...I can see that!

Back to the penguins!  How FUN!!  They have a new indoor/outdoor area for them...and the penguins seem to be loving it!  You gotta love any animal that is dressed up for a special occasion!

Don't forget to follow our tweets on ( and become a fan on our facebook page (  :)  We'll keep you updated on everything happening here on the Plateau--especially BIG OL TRUCK!

Have a wonderful day!



:) Stace




Friday April 09, 2010



SO...its been awhile since I've blogged...sorry about that, I'll try to do better!!

It's been crazy around the Radio Ranch--crazy GOOD!  Good Ol' Truck is in full force!  Make sure you check out the front page for a full list of registration locations to put your name in for BIG OL TRUCK!  Pics are there, as well as all the rules!

I've been having a blast hosting the ALL REQUEST COUNTRY CAFE!  I know Joe and Ronni miss thanks so much to our hard working Moo Crew for passing me the baton!  Remember to get those request and dedications in every day! 


Have you started tweeting yet?  If you're not on Twitter...ya gotta join!  It's very cool!  You can monitor who you wish to get tweets from and how often...The best part--insider info!  I LOVE THAT!  For instance, Kenny Chesney was giving away posters for his upcoming 3 D concert movie...and you had to be on twitter to know about it...Sign up today....its FREE!  Make sure to follow our tweets!  We are --we'd love to follow yours as well!

The All New Penguin Exhibit opens tomorrow at the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg...going with the hubby and our son to check it out!  I love penguins!  Who doesn't, really??  They look like they are always dressed to the nines.  Better to be overdressed than underdressed, I always say... (Actually, I really don't--I usually say "I'm wearing sweats and my hubby's shirt...and I like it!)


Should be a beautiful weekend!  Make the most of our amazing area--its so gorgeous here, especially this time of year!!! I'm loving the daffodils!


Thanks for all your well wishes! 


:) Stace




Monday March 29, 2010



Happy Monday!  Okay, maybe not so happy, but hey, I'm psyched cuz BIG OL TRUCK IS BACK!  How cool is that?!?  Make sure you run out and put your name in the boxes--they're all over town...listen for your name to be called, call back in 102 seconds, and if you're the last one standing on June 19th, you could be the winner of a BIG OL TRUCK! WOW!

I was tied to my Twitter account all weekend...all the big stars were tweeting...Martina McBride did a show in St Louis despite having some throat issues...she even gave away some tickets that she hid in the town!  You had to be on Twitter to know about it--as she "tweeted clues..." even though I was no where near St Louis, it was exciting to follow along and feel like I was a part of the fun!  Brad Paisley was tweeting about WV in the basketball tournament...he even posted a pic of his couch on fire...not sure what that was all about!  And Sara Evans was tweeting about all of the baseball and softball games she and her hubby went to--with all their kids...there were a lot!

You wanna get in on it?  Head to  its FREE!  If you have unlimited text on your phone, you'll LOVE This!  Make sure to follow us...our address is 


I want to send a special shout out to the staff over at CMC...I spent half a day there yesterday...I get migraines...really bad ones...they were amazing to me!  Thank you for your extra special care! 


Getting ready for the all request country cafe now...make sure to get your requests in at 707-1025 or tweet 'em!

have a Blessed day!


:) Stace



Friday March 26, 2010


What an exciting week!  It was my first week of doing the All Request Country Cafe...Its soo great to get all of your requests and dedications!  Every day you remind me of another amazing country song that I may not have even thought about!!  Today it was "Pour Out the Rain (Lacey's Song)" by Buddy have GREAT taste!!


I have become obsessed with Twitter!  So many of our fave country artists are tweeting--its awesome and instant!  If you haven't signed up for Twitter, you can do it online at  You will LOVE it!!  Make sure you follow us--our twitter address is  Make sure you request that we follow you as well!!  Special contests, notices, and even the ability to "tweetquest" are all a part of the Twittering experience! 


by the way...BIG OL TRUCK IS BACK!!  Make sure you check out the front page of our website here for a complete list of locations you can go t oput your name in the box...Joe and Ronni will be calling out names starting at 7:20 on Monday won't want to miss your opportunity to get qualified!  I'm soooo excited to be a part of the biggest contest on the Plateau!!  (And jealous that I can't play!!!)  Hopefully, if you win you will take me for a ride in your new BIG OL TRUCK!


Have a Blessed weekend!


:) stace





Thursday March 25, 2010


Hi There!!! 


we have something sooooo cool to share with you!  We're TWEETING!!  If you''re on Twitter, please follow us...and we'll kepp you up to date on the tweets of your favorite artists...they're pretty much all on the Twittersphere...including T-Roy, troy Gentry from Montgomery Gentry, who just started tweeing yesterday!  You can sign up for twitter at  then follow us...we're  !!


And...check this can TWEET your request for the All Request Country Cafe!!  Try it out--who will be my first TWEET-QUEST?!?!  I hope its YOU!!


Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome in the All Request Cafe!!  Get those Tweet-Quests in!


:) Stace


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