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Congratulations to Dawn Russell of Crossville, Tennessee, the THIRD $1,000 Secret Sound Winner!! Keep Listening for your chance to win $1,000 with the Secret Sound!! Plus Win tickets to Dollywood, Tennessee Aquarium, Creative Discover Museum, IMAX Theater and More!

1025 WOW COUNTRY Secret Sound Contest - Hints & Incorrect Guesses

Secret Sound

Updated 5/25/17 7:54 a.m.

Congratulations to Dawn Russell of Crossville, the third $1,000 Secret Sound Winner!! Dawn scored the big bucks by correctly identifying the third Secret Sound as opening and closing a mailbox. Keep Listening for your chance to win $1,000 with the Secret Sound on 102.5 WOW Country, Todays Country and the Legends!

Congratulations to Adam Nail of Crossville, our second Secret Sound Winner! Adam picked up $1,000 for correctly identifying the Secret Sound Replacing a gas pump nozzle. Keep listening for your chance to win a Grand with a brand new $1,000 Secret Sound on 102.5 WOW Country, Todays Country And The Legends!

Congratulations to Dinah Farley of Sparta, Tennessee, the very First $1,000 Secret Sound Winner!! Dinah scored the big bucks by correctly identifying the Secret Sound which was Opening and closing the latch on a gate. Keep Listening for your chance to win $1,000 with the Secret Sound on 102.5 WOW Country, Todays Country and the Legends!

Secret Sound No. 4
Hint 1: Still dont know it? Are you a sad sack?
Hint 2: Over 400 million can hear it even when you can't.

Incorrect Guess 1 opening and closing a file cabinet drawer
Incorrect Guess 2 fluffing and loading a pillow in a pillowcase
Incorrect Guess 3 turning the dial on a safe and opening it
Incorrect Guess 4 dropping beans on a plate
Incorrect Guess 5 raising metal blinds
Incorrect Guess 6 opening and closing a car door
Incorrect Guess 7 pulling a trash bag out of the box and shaking it to open it
Incorrect Guess 8 locking or unlocking a car door with an electronic device
Incorrect Guess 9 stapling a stack of papers and laying them down
Incorrect Guess 10 - chains rattling
Incorrect Guess 11 opening and shutting a door
Incorrect Guess 12 punching paper with a three ring hole-puncher
Incorrect Guess 13 windshield wipers on a dry windshield
Incorrect Guess 14 someone trying to light a lighter
Incorrect Guess 15 pulling a chain to turn on a light
Incorrect Guess 16 - opening a trash bag and putting trash in it
Incorrect Guess 17 opening or closing a suitcase
Incorrect Guess 18 - pressing the stop and eject buttons on a cassette tape player
Incorrect Guess 19 putting a key in a door lock and unlocking it
Incorrect Guess 20 wadding up paper and throwing it in the trash
Incorrect Guess 21 using a staple puller to pull staples from a stack of papers
Incorrect Guess 22 unloading a gun
Incorrect Guess 23 - opening a bag of chips
Incorrect Guess 24 pulling a strip of Velcro apart
Incorrect Guess 25 fastening or unfastening a seat belt
Incorrect Guess 26 someone blowing a paper party horn and it rolling back up
Incorrect Guess 27 opening an envelope
Incorrect Guess 28 ripping a receipt from a cash register
Incorrect Guess 29 pulling out a match striking it and blowing it out
Incorrect Guess 30 closing and locking a briefcase
Incorrect Guess 31 unfolding a newspaper and giving it a pop
Incorrect Guess 32 unbuttoning or unzipping a pair of pants
Incorrect Guess 33 opening a bag of potatoes and pouring them out
Incorrect Guess 34 closing or opening a microwave door
Incorrect Guess 35 unlocking or locking a deadbolt
Incorrect Guess 36 opening a paper bag and reaching inside
Incorrect Guess 37 closing an automatic van door
Incorrect Guess 38 peeling potatoes with potatoes peeler
Incorrect Guess 39 pulling a Kleenex or tissue out of the box/package
Incorrect Guess 40 pulling a toy out of a Happy Meal
Incorrect Guess 41 someone opening a brown paper bag and blowing into it
Incorrect Guess 42 putting a cassette tape in a cassette player and pressing play
Incorrect Guess 43 scanning your lottery ticket
Incorrect Guess 44 using a debit card at an ATM and receiving cash
Incorrect Guess 45- opening a magazine to read it
Incorrect Guess 46 catching a baseball
Incorrect Guess 47 setting down your keys and then your bag
Incorrect Guess 48 deleting a photo on Instagram

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