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1025 WOW COUNTRY Secret Sound Contest - Hints & Incorrect Guesses

Secret Sound

#Updated 12/14/17 5:58 a.m.

Secret Sound No. 1: Congratulations to Linda Brock of Sparta, the very first $1,000 Winner with Secret Sound!! Linda's correct guess of "the chain blowing on a flag pole" put a grand in her hand!

Secret Sound No. 2 : Congratulations to Dawnda Frisa of Crossvile, the second $1,000 winner with Secret Sound!! Dawnda's correct guess of "Someone on a swing set" put a grand in her hand!

Secret Sound No. 3: Congratulations to Savanna Pelfrey of Crossville, the Third $1,000 winner with Secret Sound!! Savanna's correct guess of "An Ice Machine Dispensing Ice" put a grand in her hand!

Secret Sound No. 4: Congratulations to April Randolph of Crossville, the Fourth $1,000 winner with Secret Sound! Aprils correct guess of "Dropping a package into a mail postal box" won the big bucks!

Listen for Your chance to win with the 102.5 WOW Country Secret Sound!! When you hear the Secret Sound, be the 10th caller at 707-1025 and correctly identify the Secret Sound and you will win $1,000!!!

Secret Sound No. 5 Hints:

Secret Sound No. 5 Incorrect Guesses:

Incorrect Guess 1: Dropping a paper cup into a trash can
Incorrect Guess 2: Someone punching paper with a hole-punch
Incorrect Guess 3: Putting mail into a mail slot
Incorrect Guess 4: a stamp like the librarian uses to stamp books
Incorrect Guess 5: tumblers in a lock
Incorrect Guess 6: dropping a coin in a pinball or arcade machine
Incorrect Guess 7: toaster popping up
Incorrect Guess 8: popping the top of a soda can
Incorrect Guess 9: throwing a bolt in a bucket or coffee can
Incorrect Guess 10: tapping a pen on a microphone
Incorrect Guess 11: dropping something on a baking pan
Incorrect Guess 12: loading staples into a stapler
Incorrect Guess 13: pop can opener, opening can of pop
Incorrect Guess 14: the flap on a vending machine
Incorrect Guess 15: knocking over a plastic bucket
Incorrect Guess 16: stapling something
Incorrect Guess 17: dropping a coin in a tin can
Incorrect Guess 18: a pin dropping
Incorrect Guess 19: opening a can of soda
Incorrect Guess 20: dropping a soda can into a recycling container
Incorrect Guess 21: a fly swat hitting a fly
Incorrect Guess 22: hitting an egg on the side of a frying pan
Incorrect Guess 23: dropping a boiled egg into a plastic container
Incorrect Guess 24: stepping on a frozen puddle
Incorrect Guess 25: a machine buffing the floor
Incorrect Guess 26: dropping a Christmas ornament into a plastic tote
Incorrect Guess 27: dropping a coin on the hood of a car
Incorrect Guess 28: shutting a car door
Incorrect Guess 29: a ball hitting a Styrofoam plate
Incorrect Guess 30: dropping a quarter down a car wash machine

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